I've been interested in analogue photography for more than 6 years now. My first camera was a Zenit 122. Since then, I've had many different ones. I find trying new cameras exciting, however I also try to keep in mind that it is not about the tool at all.

The most fun for me is spending time in dark room. Developing my own films or printing them on paper gave me a unique satisfaction, although I smell like Fixer (The chemical) for 2 days afterwards.

Photography was always the best tool for me to express my feelings and ideas to others, since I am not best with the words. I am lucky enough to have great friends/ photographers around me, and we have made some projects together during my college years. I always felt more interested in with the light itself, how to put it in a form that can charm our eyes. I also try to capture remarkable moments with people. Every person I work with is a completely new experience and I learn that capturing good moments comes with time, naturally, like the light itself.

I was born and raised in Turkey, but Berlin has been my new home since 2017. I earn my money as a Software Developer, so I don't have any expectation from photography due to my full time job of.

One of the reasons that I created this website is to show my work to others, maybe arouse, for a second, the feeling of excitement, happiness or sadness. However, the main goal is finding new partners to work together with. I am looking for photographers to work on some projects together, and people who are excited to be in front of camera, to share new experiences together.

Please send me a message in any case, lets contribute to world and try to leave a mark together.